Beautiful hair is dream of women all over the world. Everyone hopes to look gorgeous with smooth silky hair and even more fabulous with the support of hair extensions. It is extremely nightmare if one day you wake up with tangled hair with full of dandruff. It is terrible. Even you use hair extensions, it can not help you. Therefore, it is very important to protect your hair from dandruff. In this post, we will help you get rid of dandruff from your black curly hair with natural remedies.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used in many beauty remedies. It is a very effective ingredient not only to solve greasy hair but also to fight dandruff problem. The elements in apple cider vinegar help condition your hair leaving it silky and clean.


Rosemary is antifungal, which makes it become very powerful treatment for dandruff. To get rid of dandruff from your black curly hair with rosemary, you should add some rosemary oil to your conditioner and apply for your hair. You can find rosemary oil at your local farmers market or health food store.

Aloe vera

In many skincare remedies, you can easily find a common ingredient – aloe vera. However, it is not only work for skincare bot also hair care, especially dandruff issue. To use aloe vera as a dandruff treatment, you take the pulp out, rub on your scalp and rinse after 2-3 minutes. You will see the change of your hair after each time of using.

Eucalyptus oil

Another amazing ingredient in dandruff treatment is eucalyptus oil. To fight dandruff, you have to place a few drops in yourshampoo. Washing your hair with this will help solve dry scalp issue, stimulate the follicles and promote hair growth. You can easily buy eucalyptus oil as it is readily available in natural food stores and farmers markets.

Bay leaves

You may know that bay leaves are great for cooking but do you know their benefit on dandruff treatment? You can you bay leaves to fight dandruff by steeping a handful of bay leaves in one liter of water. Then, let it cool and use as a hair rinse.

A healthy diet

To have beautiful appearance, it is necessary that you should have healthy body. To start, you have to have a healthy diet. It is for not only a healthy inside, but a healthy outside. When you have a balanced diet with daily intake of fruits, vegetables and water, dandruff is nothing to you.

The above dandruff treatment is very good for you hair because they are natural. Consider and apply them to protect your black curly hair from the nightmare “dandruff”. Moreover, if you want to have more glamorous hair which can boost your look, it is highly suggested to use hair extensions. BONDHAIRS is a potential choice for you as its quality. With BONDHAIRS, you can choose your beautiful hair extensions among many length levels and many hair types such as weft hair, tip hair, keratin hair, etc. With BONDHAIRS extensions, you can be confident with your beauty!